Overreactions: There actually was a hockey game tonight

475668991_slideIt’s hard to sum up this game tonight. There was a game. It was an NHL regular season hockey game. It counted in the standings, but no one who has a twitter or was around people likely got invested in this game. It was a sideshow.

The impending trade of Ryan Miller finally happened. The impending trade of Steve Ott finally happened. And in one instant, the sense of dread on the horizon became a reality. And the Sabres played on.

While the team out on the ice walked away with a 4-2 win over the visiting San Jose Sharks, there’s not much to take from it. Jhonas Enroth was sensational. Brian Flynn scored again. Tyler Myers actually had a really good game.

And now, two points later, everything is different. The fact the team is currently riding a three game win streak out of the Olympic break is completely irrelevant. The soul of the team is forever changed. And even while Cody Hodgson, Matt Moulson, Flynn and Myers scored in a Sabres win at home on a Friday night, it doesn’t seem quite right. You don’t normally spend the third period’s television timeouts applauding for guys who aren’t on your team.

But the game’s a final, and Sunday, the team will take off out west for a roadtrip, and some of the guys on the plane may not be coming back to Buffalo on the same plane. They may have played their last game here. Matt Moulson, who scored the game winner tonight in maybe his last game as a Sabre (god, we can do this for everybody) wasn’t a story tonight.

There was a game. And I don’t think it matters too much right now.

  • Picked a hell of a game to show up late. Team was already out for warmups by the time I got to the press box.
  • Funny that you naturally didn’t want to put two and two together when Tim Murray missed his WGR spot at 5:30. It’d be too easy to assume there’d be a trade. Turns out, there was.
  • Good to see Enroth step up and have a game like that when he needed to grab the reins and earn a shot at being the #1 guy for the rest of the way. He will be. He’ll get his shot.
  • Brian Flynn is wonderful and I want the whole world to know that.
  • Ryan Vinz seemed to be the luckiest guy in the world tonight. Just some dude that works in the hockey department and he got his name in the boxscore of an NHL game. Didn’t have to touch the puck once and got to experience that. Was all grins in the locker room after the game. Really cool.
  • It’s good to see Myers play this great of a game, but until it’s sustainable, I stand by my preference to trade him. If anything, I’m glad he’s turning it on, so maybe Murray can get more for him. Sell high.
  • Sabres are still safely in 30th. Winning is still nice.
  • This was one of those nights where I feel incredibly lucky to be given the opportunities I am. Every fan, included myself, is gutted to some extent by the trading of Ryan Miller. To sit in the room while he’ s failing to keep himself together and then go shake his hand and say good luck is something that the majority of fans will never experience to any extent, much less on a night this significant in the franchise’s history. It’s something that I immediately appreciate and I’ll remember forever.

3MI Three Star Selections 
1. Jhonas Enroth, Buffalo
2. Brian Flynn, Buffalo
3. Tyler Myers, Buffalo

Official Three Stars of the Game
1. Jhonas Enroth, Buffalo (36 saves, 2 GA)
2. Brian Flynn, Buffalo (Goal (6))
3. Tyler Myers, Buffalo (EN Goal (8), 2 assists)

Quote of the night:

“You feel like part of your heart got ripped out.” — Buffalo Sabres defenseman Mike Weber


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