Basement Brigade presents BLACK & RED NIGHT on October 28th vs. Dallas


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Sabres fans, we know this year is going to be rough. We knew this going in, and it’s only October. We’re gonna have to make the best of this.

The Sabres don’t exactly go out of their way to do anything special game-to-game, and a Monday night against Dallas might not pop out on the calendar, but this one does. It’s going to be memorable. We can make it more memorable.

Former coach Lindy Ruff makes his first return visit to the rink he coached our team for 16 years. They apparently are going to honor him (unlike a certain former captain) but this might be the best excuse to do something ourselves.

Ruff stepped behind our bench in 1997, with the Sabres wearing sharp black and red uniforms unveiled a year earlier. He coached all but one season of the decade the Sabres wore those colors, including 3 trips to the conference finals and a trip to the Stanley Cup in 1999. If we ever wanted to pick a night to break our black and red out again, this is it.

So let’s do it.

On Monday, October 28, wear black and red Sabres gear to the game against Dallas.

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The Sabres don’t do throwback nights like the Ducks did recently, and even Kings fans do a Burger King jersey appreciation night on their own. We can do it  ourselves. Not everyone loved the black and red or the “goat head” logo, but it’s still what our team wore. Even if the Sabres wear blue and gold now, black and red will always be a part of Sabres history.

Key disclaimer: WE ARE NOT PROTESTING ANYTHING. This isn’t about Ruff, or Regier, or the terrible new third jersey or anything else. This is just a fun way to pay tribute to ten years of the team’s history that no matter what colors or logo they wore before or after, were some of the best years we’ve seen. The Sabres’ organization doesn’t need to organize this. We all have jerseys that sit in the closet and don’t get pulled out enough. So let’s dust them off together. If you don’t want to, don’t. But honestly, why not?

Going to the game? Wear your black and red. It’ll be fun. Don’t have tickets? Well, they’re probably cheap on StubHub, so go for it.

WHO: You.
WHAT: Wear your old black and red colored Sabres gear
WHERE: First Niagara Center
WHEN: Monday, October 28 at 7:00pm
WHY: Why not?


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