Overreactions, 7/48 Edition: Thomas Vanek is good at hockey

Sabres win, 7-4. I got nothing else.


Well, maybe…

  • I don’t want to give John Scott too much credit, but it likely did help to keep things under control all night that Shawn Thornton was out of the game. Patrick Kaleta’s absence worked to the Sabres’ benefit as well. Is he worth a roster spot when there aren’t known pests like Thornton in the lineup? Nope. But there are some games where it will help to have him. Few, but some.
  • Goaltending was the difference, as Boston seemed to control the play but the Sabres finished their chances. Ryan Miller got hung out to dry frequently and only let in four. That’s a hell of a performance.
  • Thomas Vanek scored some pretty goals.
  • This game is a perfect example of how the faceoffs narrative can be unnecessary. They won 43%. Terrible, right? Well, they also scored seven goals. You can compensate for it. It’s definitely an issue and a flaw to the team, but it’s not killing them.
  • Andrej Sekera was relatively fantastic. You know I like to praise his play, but considering how bad the rest of the defense looked,  he deserves some credit for not being awful.
  • So, how about that Thomas Vanek?
  • Before you break up the dumpster fire that is the Tyler Myers-Jordan Leopold pairing, remember you could be ruining not one but two pairings. There’s no reason to think that it’s just playing together that is the issue with them. They’ve just been bad, especially Myers.
  • I don’t think I’ve mentioned Thomas Vanek enough.

3MI Three Star Selections (voted when I wrote this after)
1. Thomas Vanek, Buffalo
2. Thomas Vanek, Buffalo
3. Thomas Vanek, Buffalo

Official Three Stars of the Game
1. Thomas Vanek, Buffalo (3 goals (4,5,6), 2 assists)
2. Brad Marchand, Boston (2 goals (4,5), giant nose)
3. Ryan Miller, Buffalo (38 saves, 4 GA)


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