Overreactions, Edition 60: Getting it done

Oddly enough, it was the Ottawa Senators, when you get down to it.

In the precarious position the Sabres find themselves in, it’s important to win the games they’re supposed to. When one of the league’s doormats, in the midst of a clearance sale to ignite a rebuild, comes to town, there’s no excuse for not walking away with two points.

Even if it is the Senators.

Buffalo did what it had to do, wrapping up a 4-2 win on Friday night. Ryan Miller was again solid for the home squad, and the Sabres got the goals they needed.

“We have to keep putting pressure on teams,” said McCormick, who posted his third multi-point game of the season. “If we can make them make turnovers, we can capitalize on it.”

Now the Sabres prepare for a visit from Detroit tonight, in what could be the last appearance for some players in a Sabres uniform ahead of Monday’s trade deadline.

  • Congrats to Rob Niedermayer for being the only one on the fourth line that did not get on the scoresheet.
  • Ryan Miller’s stats since taking a seat in the press box in Montreal last week: 1.83 GAA, .945 save %. Wonderful things can happen if he gets a break here and there.
  • Thomas Vanek continues to rise to the occasion when he’s given opportunities. After a strong game wearing his first ‘A’ on Wednesday night, Lindy Ruff put him out there in the final minute to help defend a one-goal lead. He took a puck out of the Sabres end himself and iced the game with an empty netter. There’s something to be said for having a goal-hawk out there in that spot.
  • The call on Patrick Kaleta in the second period was extremely weak. Reputations have a disgusting impact on how officials call a game.
  • Ottawa’s first goal was completely Tyler Myers’ fault. There’s no reason to join the rush when it’s a 3-on-1 just to make it a 4-on-1 and crash the net. I can see moving up to leave a spot for a drop pass, but he didn’t do that. You’re a defenseman, Tyler. If there’s only one defenseman back for the opponent as your team rushes up ice, basic logic leads you to believe that the other four skaters are behind you. It’s an overaggressive move that wasn’t needed at that point in the game.
  • Anyone notice how Mike Robitaille is a lot more enthusiastic lately? Or is just me. It’s like he’s trying to make an impression on the new boss.
  • Underrated play of the night: Tyler Ennis with a backhand pass up the boards to spring Drew Stafford to an odd-man break that created Jochen Hecht’s eventual game winner.
  • It’ll be interesting watching tonight’s game knowing that this game can have a direct impact on what direction the Sabres go as far as transactions over the next few days. The tone from management lately leads me to believe that they’re more inclined to sell. We’ll have to see.

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