Overreactions, Edition 58: Well, Miller isn’t the problem

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Ryan Miller‘s goaltending came into question leading up to his night off Tuesday in Buffalo’s shootout win over Montreal. After a break, there’s no question as to how well he has played since.

Miller has stopped 86 of 92 shots over the past three games, but thanks to the disappearance of any sort of offense, the Sabres are 0-for-3 in those matches with today’s 2-1 loss to the Washington Capitals.

A fluke opportunity and a quick deflection were the only times the Caps could beat Miller, but that was plenty enough to get the two points. Jason Pominville’s powerplay blast was the only reason the Sabres did not get shutout for the second game in a row.

At a time when the chances to sneak into the top 8 become more and more fleeting, a three game losing streak isn’t quite promising for the team’s postseason hopes.

  • Andrej Sekera was a healthy scratch after a poor stretch of performance in the last couple weeks. Hard to understand how Sekera went from the team’s best defenseman over the first half of the season to this point.
  • Sabres seem to be unable to generate any energy lately. Pat Kaleta has struggled to play his game since returning, but even Cody McCormick isn’t being effective. Both played about five minutes each this afternoon.
  • As I tweeted during the game, I’m extremely happy the Sabres wore their home jerseys on national television this afternoon. The third jerseys suck. I can’t reiterate that enough.
  • In the discussion about Tim Connolly’s value to the team, his penalty killing never gets as much attention. He was awesome on the Capitals two-man advantage in the first period. He quietly had a decent game.
  • Mike Weber, dare I say, has been the Sabres’ best defenseman for the last couple weeks. Great to see him developing well.
  • It’s disheartening to see Lindy Ruff have to juggle lines to find some chemistry after just a few games ago having combinations that were working very well. The coach has got to figure out how to get the offense going and nothing is happening with the current arrangement.
  • Rob Niedermayer is still useless.
  • Another blown opportunity to gain ground for the Sabres in the playoff chase. Doesn’t matter if you’re not losing ground, you’re not getting anywhere close to a playoff spot if you squander opportunities to win.

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  1. I’m wondering how long Tyler Ennis’ ineffectiveness will go unnoticed. For such a highly regarded young player, it seems wrong that his rookie status clears him of any criticism. I understand rookies will go through slumps and they should be viewed on a different plane than veterans, but the whole reason for that is because they’re supposed to get better. My question is, how much improvement has Ennis shown since the beginning of the year? I think he’s 21 which by NHL standards is not all that young so in my mind he should be facing the same criticism as other players.
    He is invisible for shifts at a time except for in the defensive zone, where he often sticks out as lazy and careless… to me, anyways.
    We can talk until we’re blue in the face about dropping the dead weight, and with reason because it’s clearly what needs to be done. But why is everybody so reluctant to see what is very possibly turning out to be the next underperforming top 6 forward? We all agree things need to be different in the organization, and to me that means no longer giving youngsters a free pass.

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