Overreactions, Edition 57: Conkblocked

There’s not really much you can say after this one. But there’s some things that need to be said.

The Buffalo Sabres, coming off a poor team performance in Wednesday night’s loss to Toronto, came out and sleepwalked their way to a 3-0 loss to the St. Louis Blues. Former Sabre Ty Conklin got the shutout, stopping 25 shots yet rarely getting a true test.

Buffalo’s defense struggled to handle the puck all night, struggled to pass the puck, struggled to keep the Blues from walking all over them. It was an effort without any effort, a game lacking any energy whatsoever.

“We have to be willing to put the work in,” said Ryan Miller, who stopped 21 shots. “It does get frustrating and the guys want to win and are putting the effort in. But we could’ve been smarter tonight.”

Now the Sabres ride a two-game losing streak into Sunday’s nationally televised matchup with Washington.

Can’t say fans should be feeling confident about the Caps game after this one.

  • Rob Niedermayer, healthy scratch. I don’t care what the result, I prefer to see this more often.
  • Patrick Kaleta finally started showing signs of life late in the third period, but he needs to bring “his game” for 60 minutes a night. Especially at home, he can get the crowd going all by himself. If he’s not running around like a heat-seeking missile, the team is missing an edge.
  • Cody McCormick, who had a phenomenal start to the season, has really become a non-factor of late. I can’t imagine his spot in the lineup is as secure as it once was.
  • Ryan Miller played very well tonight.
  • The defense as a whole was beyond awful. Andrej Sekera appeared to be the best blueliner tonight, and nothing about his game was excessively strong. Everyone else was just that bad. Especially the tall guy wearing #57.
  • I’d start picking more forwards that didn’t have good games, but I’d end up listing all of them, and that’s a waste of time.

Better come to play on Sunday.


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