Overreactions from Game 20 of 82: I’m back!

Thank your lucky stars.

With help from my friend Tom at the Apple store, 3MI is back in business, with a brand new MacBook and some catching up to do.

Yeah, no sweet new graphics yet, and yeah, posts will be sporadic while I get back into the groove, but I truly appreciate every single person that is taking time to read this. I do this because I enjoy it, and it makes me happy to see people interested in what I have to say. Hopefully everyone didn’t forget about this little corner of the internet.


The Sabres came out flat against the Caps Wednesday night. It’s impossible to expect to grab two points out of the Verizon Center when you don’t come to play, and this was another example. Allowing the home team to take an early lead led to a 4-2 loss in Washington.

Buffalo got back into it when Derek Roy and Jordan “Uncle Leo”-pold scored 48 seconds apart in the second period, but a late push was unsuccessful thanks to Capitals goalie Michal Neuvirth.

Some thoughts:

  • Tyler Myers (my whipping boy of choice this season) was even on the night, but the first Washington goal was entirely his fault. You can not give a team like Washington a 5-on-3 unless the penalty you’re taking saves a goal. Dumb play by Myers puts the Sabres in an early hole.
  • Derek Roy has been awesome all season. Someone’s gotta say it. At the quarter pole of the season, he’s been the team’s MVP.
  • Thomas Vanek at times looked like he did Monday night, and at times looked invisible. The former appeared more than the latter, and he made a great play on Roy’s goal to win a battle.
  • Ryan Miller, are you still hurt? Or are you just incapable of being the same goalie you were last year?
  • I can’t decide who deserves the name “Old Yeller” more: Craig Rivet or whatever line includes Mike Grier and Rob Niedermayer.
  • Andrej Sekera has been the team’s best defenseman for a few weeks now. And to think, people wanted to deal him before the season. Always remember: Darcy knows more than you.
  • Next four games: Los Angeles, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Toronto. Gotta get six of eight points while at home to get back into a good spot for a playoff run.
  • Chris Butler hasn’t been playing awesome enough to warrant keeping Mike Weber in the press box this long. Weber needs to get a shot. Soon.

Very light insight on this one. I’ll do better next time.


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