(Delayed) Overreactions from Games 5 & 6 of 82: Trade Myers!

Note: 3MI has been dealing with computer problems. This post was supposed to run Sunday. Here it as anyways.

Yeah, that was a joke. Don’t trade him… yet.

I’m not giving up on the gliding giant, but, my god, he has been awful.

Tyler Myers is sitting dead last in the NHL in plus/minus with an atrocious -7 through 6 games. For perspective, the defending rookie of the year is on pace to be -96 on the season.

Sure, could be a bunch of bad breaks, but Chicago’s first goal last night is Exhibit A as to what is ailing Myers this season: it doesn’t look like he has any clue as to what he’s doing on the ice. He’s showing no confidence in his abilities whatsoever. He’s making weak plays and playing with no swagger to speak of. It’s gotta get to a breaking point eventually, right?

The Sabres did show a bit more edge in last night’s 4-3 loss to the Blackhawks. They dominated the first period and looked solid the rest of the game. By “rest of the game” I mean “second period.” The same Sabres who blew through a four-game homestand gaining only one point showed up and let the defending champs give them another check in the loss column.

“We dominated the game for most of the night,” said Sabres coach Lindy Ruff. “I don’t think they had more than a handful of chances. They got opportunities that were few and far between … But they didn’t makes mistakes on their opportunities.”

This coming off a listless and uninspired effort on Friday, falling by a score of 2-1 to Montreal on the night the franchise celebrated the 40th anniversary of their first home game. That game leading to coach Lindy Ruff making a clear threat in the postgame press conference.

“We might play three lines [tonight], we might play 2 1/2 lines. They know that. The gig’s up now. You can sit on the end of the bench. The guys that are going to put the work in are going to play.”

We’ll go chronologically here…

Thoughts on Friday:

  • That ceremony sucked. Where the hell was Gilbert Perreault?
  • Please keep up this pace, Derek Roy. Somebody has to score.
  • The thought of having to deal with P.K. Subban six times a year for the forseeable future isn’t exactly appetizing. The kid’s a stud.
  • Is it time to go back to white jerseys at home yet? I know the whole thing with alternate jerseys and making teams pack multiple sets, but there’s something just perfect about the home team wearing white and seeing new colors every game.
  • Another thing about the ceremony: cool to see Blase T. is still alive. I’m glad he didn’t get booed or anything stupid. I have nothing against what Golisano’s done, I just wish he’d show his face a little more often.
  • I know Ryan Miller is good, but if any team expects to win, they need to score more than one goal. The offense is not getting any results whatsoever.
  • Speaking of no results, the Niedermayer-Grier-whoever line is like a black hole where your team’s momentum goes to die. They’ve done nothing all season.

Thoughts on Saturday:

  • What’s the textbook way to win on the road? Dominate early… check. Take the crowd out of it… check. Take the lead… check. Play good defense and hold a 3rd period lead… um… right.
  • At least Lalime didn’t look that bad. I wouldn’t mind him getting next Saturday in New Jersey. Strong effort from the backup.
  • If you want to win, giving Marian Hossa breakaways is not a good gameplan.
  • Thomas Vanek is now on a two game point streak, for what it’s worth.
  • Sure, the Sabres are 1-4-1, but three of the four teams they lost to won a combined 26 playoff games last spring. Tough way to start the season. As long as they start picking up points against the teams they should beat (like Atlanta Wednesday) they should be fine.
  • Must be nice to have a sweet goal song like “Chelsea Dagger” played after every goal. Yeah, having a rotation of shitty songs is so much better. Can the DJ just play “Beautiful” after each goal and be done with it?
  • The powerplay looked awesome and produced nothing. Question: is it more promising to have a good looking powerplay and not score or look like a complete mess and have a lucky goal?

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  1. Grier is so far removed from his 15-20 goal days in Edmonton its sad. He’s been getting a ton of chances these last few games but he can’t do anything creative with his shot.

    The song rotation is stupid. If you’re gonna rotate it, at least have some unpredictability. Now when I hear those songs elsewhere I automatically think; “Oh, that’s the song the Sabres play when they scored their second goal of the game. Which is quite different from the one they play on the third goal.” Really? We have a especially designated songs for our scoring sequence? Oy.

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