3MI’s Fan 11: What the fans really think

This is a new feature here on 3MI. Since this blog is supposed to reflect the fans’ perspective (well, the smart ones, anyways), it’d make sense to ask the fans what they think, right? So here’s 11 questions we’re asking. The questions will eventually vary, and if you want to participate, shoot us an email.

Today’s subject: Tim from South Buffalo.

1. What Sabres player’s jersey do you own and why?

I own several Sabres jerseys. In the “slug” logo, I have a home Connolly and Afinogenov, a white Vanek, the third jersey with Pominville, and a Winter Classic-style Afinogenov. The Pominville is the number one at the moment.

2. What’s your favorite Sabres moment ever, and why?

I would have to say my favorite all-time Sabres moment was Game 5 against the Rangers in the 2007 Playoffs. I was with all my friends at a party, literally praying during the faceoff, then we all know what happened.

3. Why do you love being a Sabres fan?

What I love the most about being a Sabres fan is just the vibe that the city gives off when the Sabres are playing. When there’s a hockey game, everyone seems to be watching.

4. What do you hate about being a Sabres fan?

The thing I hate the most about being a Sabres fan is seeing all the Toronto fans at games. Also, big market teams.

5. What is your opinion of the Sabres offseason to date?

As of [now] I really have no problem whatsoever in what the Sabres are doing. I will miss Lydman, don’t get me wrong, but i think Tallinder’s tenure here was nearing an end. Jordan Leopold is a decent pickup to replace one, and I wouldn’t mind seeing either Mike Weber or Marc-Andre Gragnani up next year. Offensively, I would still like to see a move to help the top 6, and maybe move around a few people on our top 6 as well.

6. You win a contest and get to make one roster move of your choice. What do you do?

A roster move I would love to make is to get one of these three centers: Sidney Crosby, Mike Richards or Nicklas Backstrom.

7. Of the current members in the organization, who is “your boy”/man-crush, and why?

My current man-crush would probably have to be Ryan Miller, very obvious choice, but this man was crazy good this year.

8. Name one non-roster change you would love to make about the Sabres organization (whether it be arena-related, game presentation related, uniforms, etc.)

Some non-roster items that I’d like to see the Sabres do is, of course, switch the third with the primary, and make a new away, which i know is coming, but still. In the arena, I’d like to see some historical Sabres stuff, like more Aud, pictures, memorabilia, jersey history, etc.

9. Give us a random anecdote about an experience you’ve had as fan, somehow involving a Sabres game

I went to a game in Pittsburgh in April of 2007. When I arrived at the hotel, I saw about a half-dozen other cars full of Sabres fans. We lost in a shootout that night, but the party afterwards back at the hotel was worth the ride.

10. What are you excited about for next season?

What I’m most excited to see next season is the progression of our young core, like Tyler Ennis, Tyler Myers, Nathan Gerbe, and Patrick Kaleta. Also to see how the division race goes. Boston got better, as did Toronto, while Ottawa and Montreal seem to be the same teams.

11. Step on your soapbox: Have anything to say to the world as a Sabres fan to the team or anyone else?

Just watch out Eastern Conference!

He didn’t give me a twitter or site to post, but Tim and all his gheys frequent TalkBuffaloSports, so go check it out.


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