Adventures in Buffalo sports fandom

The most important thing that blogging has done for the internet is give a voice to everyone.

That may not always be a good thing, as my friend Mike, a past 3MI contributor, pointed out.

From Bleacher Report, by far the premier outpost of sports opinions on the interwebs (to sports what TMZ is to world news), comes this gem entitled “Buffalo Sports Teams: Stop Taking Advantage of Your Fans” from a person called “Alec Joy”.

A quick snippet:

Clearly, we cannot rely on the Bills to create excitement so let’s turn to the Sabres and the focus of the majority of my anger in Buffalo Sports.

Two Words: Darcy Regier.

Yes, the general manager of the Buffalo Sabres, Darcy John Regier is, in my opinion, the worst administrative professional in all of sports. Regier is responsible for the loss of such players as Chris Drury, Daniel Briere, Brian Campbell, Clarke MacArthur, J.P. Dumont, and Martin Biron for little, or no, compensation.

I’m not going to touch his arguments, because they’re flat out stupid.

We lost Brian Campbell for no compensation? Really? This little guy thinks the Sabres got pretty good return for a pending UFA.

But the best part of the post is this:

Martin Biron was, at the time, the Sabres starting goaltender and one of the best in the NHL. He was traded for a mere second round pick in the entry draft.

Instead of tearing this poor man apart (could you spell check before you post, please?) I’m just gonna comment on the concept of the article. I mean, I could just make fun of him for thinking Biron was one of the best goalies in the NHL. Or even thinking he was the starter at that point. But where does that get us?

Yes, Buffalo has no championships.


First of all, frustration is natural. Being a fan means you support the team, and take joy from their successes. But the sense of entitlement that some people in Buffalo get towards championships is downright disgusting to me.

“Oh my god, we’ve never won a championship. We deserve one!”

Get the hell over yourself, Buffalo.

Listen, I’m as die-hard as you get… without being delusional, at least. I live and die with the teams here, but it seems like fans in the area feel like any season without a championship is a complete failure. Which, in some senses, it is. Yeah, you want to win, and your goal is to win, but as fans, that kind of attitude just sets yourself up for being underwhelmed at the end of a season. Sure, it’d be amazing if the Sabres won the Cup, but if every year they don’t win is a massive failure, then 29 of 30 teams every season are complete failures.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting your team to be competitive. There’s nothing wrong with wanting changes. But to claim the teams here are taking advantage of the fans? How?

It’s somewhat easy to find places in Buffalo where this sentiment is coming from.

I’m looking at you, Bucky.

Gleason’s columns tend to drip with the idea that the only thing holding back the city from being the crown of professional sports is the management currently in place. Because, if you sign every free agent, make every trade, get every over-the-hill, overpriced piece of crap on the waiver wire (that would be Sheldon Souray), then you are guaranteed to win a championship.

Bucky feeds right into the beast. Buffalonians have a natural inferiority complex, so we’re all looking for a championship to validate that we’re alright. Same reason we care so much about Miller and Myers winning hardware at the NHL Awards. Hey! Everybody! Recognize us!

Myself, I don’t get caught up in that. A championship isn’t gonna fix this place, but yeah, it’d be pretty sweet.

Maybe I set my standards a little too low. I don’t get upset when the Sabres don’t sign every free agent. I don’t get pissed when every guy on the trading block isn’t showing up at Buffalo-Niagara International Airport within the next 24 hours. I’m more concerned with being entertained with the product.

But that’s just me.


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  1. I contemplated signing up or connecting with Facebook to comment, but it’d be a waste of time. By invalidating the Bills’ back-to-back championships before they became an NFL team is absurd. And, yes I know I’m beating a dead horse because the NLL isn’t a “big four” league, but the Bandits have four championship banners in the rafters of HSBC Arena. That’s second only to the Bisons’ 10 (10! Holy crap!) championships. No one talks about them either.

    If these no championship = failure idiots wanted to expand their horizons, they could start watching lax and baseball.

  2. there is a large contingent of poorly educated, irrational, emotionally distress buffalo sports fans who have learned of “the internet” and have made being a “buffalo sports fan” a little more embarrassing than it used to be.

  3. I feel obligated to post more knowing there’s this crap floating around with our name on it.


    Check out the comments here. I mean, the defeatist attitude of Buffalo fans is so old as to be beyond a cliche. This blog entry is spot fucking on, and it needs to be said more.

  5. Good blog commentary must say , Sabres aren’t 100% in their decisions but most of them are pretty good, product must be OK to some point as they are sold out most of the time . We need to get an impact player at the trade deadline instead of deals that they made the last 2 yrs .

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