Anyone still here?

What’s up all?

Yeah, about that me-not-posting-for-two-months stuff… I think it’s time to hop back on the horse here.

So, until I fall off the wagon again, or run out of other clichés to use to describe my lack of posting, I’m gonna try to get this rolling again. Which, considering once this week’s development camp ends, it’ll be pretty quiet in regards to Sabres talk until September, is great timing.

But I feel like I can step it up with the Bills-related posting, and I can come up with other stuff to do. Usually I can do some pretty in-depth analysis (whether it’s related to how much Adam Mair sucks or not), so topics, whether suggested by you or just whimsical, should be easy to come by.

In the meantime, I feel like I need to touch on some things that have happened since the last post here, which was a lead-up to Game 6. So, here are my thoughts on these topics.

Game 6 – Wasted opportunity. Still sucks to think about it. But Thomas Vanek went from underachiever to star in that series. We saw glimpses of what is possible when Thomas gets motivated in the Boston series. Just a bad way to end the season.

Boston builds 3-0 lead on Philadelphia, mistakenly thinks it is a best-of-5 series – Funniest thing ever. Karma for Boston fans, because, honestly, I’ve never met a bunch of assholes as arrogant as Bostonians. Not all people from Boston are assholes, but find me one that’s not arrogant and I’ll… I don’t know where I was going with that.

Chicago wins the Stanley Cup – Cool to see the Blackhawks finally win, mainly because fans didn’t whine as much about their Cup drought as Leafs fans do. Good for Brian Campbell to go get the most money he could on the market and end up getting his name on the Cup while he’s there. And boy, thank you Patrick Kane for making Buffalo proud. I mean, scoring the Cup clinching goal is cool, but Pat’s got swagger and has the hardware to back it up.

Myers wins the Calder, Miller wins the Vezina – The Calder thing isn’t very important to me, because as much as it’s cool that the Sabres had the league’s best rookie, throw in the name “Andrew Raycroft” and you can see that it really doesn’t mean anything. All this is gonna do is add a few hundred thousand on top of whatever the Sabres are gonna have to shell out to Myers by July 2012. And, by the way, Tyler getting played off the stage was hilarious.

Mark Pysyk is Buffalo’s 1st round pick – Looks like a solid pick, haven’t had a chance to see him play yet. The Darryl Sydor comparisons make me happy though. The great thing is, the Sabres don’t need him to be their franchise defenseman, or even a #1. If Pysyk can develop into a solid #3 defenseman, they’ll be in good shape.

July 1 – I slept well that night knowing Adam Mair is no longer on the roster.

Henrik Tallinder signs with New Jersey – More insight to come on this, but I am saddened to realize that the namesake of this very blog is no longer in the organization. And if you don’t get the reference, shame on you.

Sabres sign Jordan Leopold – I’d rather have kept Lydman at that price.

Cody McCormick signs a one year, one-way deal – Adam Mair really isn’t coming back. Isn’t it awesome?

So, hopefully, I’m back for a while.

I am looking for help though, so if you want to be involved with 3MI, I’m open to it. Shoot me an email or tweet @3rdManIn on that twitter thing. If I ever fall behind with this, I’m more likely to tweet than post.


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