Can we just drop the damn puck already?

Like, seriously.

If we turn the clocks ahead to 7:00, will the game start? No? Fuck.

Tonight opens the sixth playoff series between the Buffalo Sabres and Boston Bruins. For the first time in 11 years, the two division rivals will meet in a first-to-four series.

And it’ll likely be a tight series. While Boston won the season series, golden god of a goaltender Ryan Miller was 2-0-2 against the B’s. The Bruins were one of three teams to allow less goals then the Sabres, but they also sport the 29th best offense in the league.

Here’s a list of things to look for in this series:

  • Ryan F. Miller
    The Sabres goaltender is expected to be the star of this series, and likely will be. In a battle of suffocating defenses, it’s up to Miller to be in lockdown mode.
  • Buffalo boys stepping up
    Tonight will be the playoff debuts for Angola-native Patrick Kaleta and South Buffalo-native Tim Kennedy. While Kaleta was around for the 2007 playoffs, he got no game action. Both of these guys spent their youth being a part of playoff madness in western New York. Kennedy has said he was at the Party in the Plaza with friends during the post-lockout years. You think they won’t be going out of their minds waiting to get out there and send their hometown into a frenzy? Me neither.
  • Thomas Vanek
    This guy has struggled all year through slumps and injuries… until the last week of the season. The four goal explosion against Ottawa can either be an aberration or a sign he’s ready to go streaking. Vanek is fully capable of taking over games and series by himself (see: Sabres vs. Rangers, 2007). Will he?
  • Special teams
    The Sabres sport one of the league’s best PK units, and the Bruins powerplay has been epically bad. But as Boston’s historic three shorthanded goal penalty kill against Carolina last week shows, they are capable of exploding either way. They’re a talented team, they just suck at executing. Tim Connolly’s return and the addition of Tyler Ennis will help boost the Sabres powerplay, which has been pretty average all season.
  • Jack Edwards/Rick Jeanneret calls
    Two guys that are mutually hated by the other fan base, although the Boston fans are less fond of RJ. Personally, I can’t stand Edwards. The fact he pulls this shit during games just makes me shake my head.
  • Upsets aren’t out of the question
    Watching last night’s opening slate of playoff action, Sabres fans probably couldn’t help but worry about an upset happening to them. The series won’t be a cakewalk. It’s just a matter of getting it done when it needs to get done.

Game 1 is tonight. So fuck you, Boston.


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