Future superstar recalled as Sabres deal with injuries

Yeah, I’m calling him “future superstar” because I’m convinced it’s true.

In the wake of Friday’s 3-2 loss to the asshole Ottawa Senators, Buffalo’s not just worried about rallying back with a win tonight. Forwards Tim Connolly and Patrick Kaleta will be missing time with injuries.

To fill their spots, the Sabres have recalled forward Tyler Ennis from Portland for tonight’s game against Tampa Bay.

Ennis, who was selected in the first round of the 2008 draft (14 picks after Tyler Myers), has been tearing it up in his rookie campaign in the American League. Ennis has 23 goals and 42 assists in 69 games, good for the most among freshman in the AHL.

Listen, I know everyone’s real excited about Tyler Myers, and deservedly so. But Ennis can’t be overlooked. This guy has 80 points a year/star center written all over him. He’s great with the puck, has the speed to beat people and finesse to match. Everyone who has missed Daniel Briere are gonna get a clone of him in a couple years.

It’ll be interesting to see how Ennis does in however long he gets with the Sabres, but it’s entirely possible that Tyler may play his way onto the roster for the rest of the season. There’s a spot on the roster available, so no one is gonna have to get the axe. That can’t be an excuse.

Ennis can provide an added scoring punch to a team that has struggled to score goals for a good part of the season. I know Lindy has a soft spot for his boy Adam “I’m gonna run around like a chicken with its head cut off and coach will love it!” Mair, and Matt Ellis has been extremely serviceable to this team, but having Ennis in the lineup on a consistent basis can make this team better. But, then again, pretty much anyone can make this team better considering Mair is in the lineup.

So, Tyler, now’s your chance to show you belong.


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