Which game are you watching today?

Today is January 3rd, a microcosm of Buffalo sports as it currently stands.

Sports fans in the 716 area code have a lot to think about today, as the 5-10 Bills play their final game of the season at 1 in Orchard Park, while the 2nd place Sabres are in Montreal to take on the Habs at 3.

Usually, a Bills game day draws all the attention, but today is a bit different. The Bills host the 14-1 Colts, who have absolutely nothing riding on this game whatsoever. All the Bills are playing for is a draft pick. Concluding a decade of accomplishing nothing, as detailed by TBN today, on a sub-freezing day in Western New York, the Bills are a mess.

The Sabres? Not so much. While their play has been unstellar of late, despite pulling out miraculous wins in the last two games, they’ve been winning. 6-2-2 in their last 10, the Sabres face Montreal, who would be their first round opponent if the season ended today. Wait… playoffs? They’d make the playoffs!?!

It’s the divide between the teams. The Sabres, after missing the playoffs two seasons in a row, are a virtual lock to at least make the postseason, and are in good position to win the division. The Bills, on the other hand, have been headed in the opposite direction for years.And it’s continuing today. The Bills, with nothing to gain today, continue to live in the present instead of building for the future. Ryan Fitzpatrick starts under center, while Brian Brohm sits on the sidelines for today’s matchup. For what reason does Fitzpatrick need any snaps? This is a great opportunity to give a young quarterback, who could very well be “the guy” here next season, some playing time against a tough opponent, and he’s gonna be freezing his ass off on the sidelines.

And who gets more plays today? Terrell Owens or Steve Johnson? Of course, it’ll be T.O., who’s already mentally checked out from Buffalo, running routes half-assed, while a young player who needs development watches. And that’s the problem. This game will do nothing to help the Bills next season. And that’s simply due to organizational decisions.

I’m a Bills season ticket holder, and I feel like I’m making the right decision today. I’m sitting on the couch, in the comfort of my home while my fellow Bills faithful trudge out in the snow for a meaningless game being managed by incompetent people. And once 3:00 rolls around, my television will be switched to MSG, no matter what happens at the Ralph.

(Plus, without Drew Willy on the roster, the Colts aren’t worth watching)


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