First impressions of the Bills in a meaningless game

pic_owens09hofYeah, Tuesday is a little late for a recap of Sunday’s Hall of Fame Game.

So what? The Bills were off on Monday. So was I.

Here are a few things I picked up watching the game (when the feed was coming through during that insane thunderstorm, at least):

  • Still a little weird seeing WR Terrell Owens in a Bills uni. But, damn, he looked good in those Bills colors. Owens caught two passes on Buffalo’s opening drive. That’s good enough for me.
  • The rookie that stuck out most (in positive ways): LB Nic Harris. Showed good speed, good instinct. I’m a fan so far. TE Shawn Nelson didn’t look too bad either.
  • Rookie OL Andy Levitre getting blown up by a Titans lineman early on was very encouraging. This offense can only go as far as the line can take them. OL Eric Wood seemed to hold his own for the most part.
  • pic_edwards09hofThat second play from offense in the no huddle surely made Bills fans everywhere giggle as Tennessee looked disheveled. Didn’t take them long to settle down though. I don’t see how running the no-huddle this season is going to make a big difference, because all we’re gonna see are the same dump-offs and check-down passes we saw last season.
  • QB Trent Edwards has yet to prove he can run an offense effectively in the red zone. Just saying…
  • Our quarterback situation is fucked if Trent Edwards ever gets hurt. Ryan Fitzpatrick didn’t look much better than Gibran Hamdan, and Gibran Hamdan didn’t look much better than fourth stringer Matt Baker.

    Come to think of it, Edwards didn’t look too much better than Fitzpatrick…

  • The fake punt ran by Tennessee should serve as a gut check for optimistic Bills fans. As excited as most fans are, the coaching staff isn’t innovative enough to come up with plays like that, and they don’t seem to prepare the team enough to defend plays like that. If it wasn’t blatantly obvious that it was going to be a fake, the fact that three Bills lineman committed to the fake without anyone accounting for the punter just shoes the lack of awareness of the coverage team. And that was the opening drive! Those were our starters!

All in all, it still means nothing… other than the fact we’re now one step closer to an 0-21 season.


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