Bills training camp officially underway

pic_reedjosh09campAaron Maybin and Eric Wood are still unsigned.

Trent Edwards has a hair cut.

Josh Reed has his television to watch The T.O. Show on Monday nights.

The players are ready. It’s training camp at St. John Fisher, Bills fans, are you ready?

Optimism is never in short supply in Bills country once July rolls around, and this year is no different. Sure they’ve finished 7-9 the last three seasons. Sure, the same coaching staff is back. Sure, the Bills haven’t made the playoffs this millenium, but damn it, we got Terrell freaking Owens!

The players are just as optimistic as the fans are, according to the Buffalo News:

“This is a big year for a lot of us, for the coaches, for these players, for this group of guys,” Posluszny said. “This is a big year because we need to get to the playoffs. We’re running out of time here, with having mediocre 7-9 seasons. That’s just not going to cut it anymore. We need to get to the playoffs.”

It really is a big season for Buffalo. The fans are nearing their breaking point when it comes to missing the postseason. It’s important for the team to perform this season, as anything less than a winning record will likely mean changes down the road.

The Bills’ preseason opens with the Hall of Fame Game in Canton on August 9th, just about two weeks away. Get pumped, Bills fans.


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