A few musings from the Sabres’ first preseason game

Since the game wasn’t on in the Buffalo area, I, along with a couple guys from my school, headed across the border to Fort Erie to catch the Sabres/Leafs game on TV. Here’s what I need to say:

  • If there’s one thing I hate more than anything else I hate, it’s losing to the damn Leafs. Even in the preseason. To hell with them.
  • Marek Zagrapan was clearly the best Sabre on the ice tonight.
  • Jhonas Enroth’s quasi-NHL debut definitely could’ve gone smoother, but other than a few mistakes (like completely forgetting about stopping the puck on Moore’s shorthanded goal) he was pretty solid.
  • The veterans in the game tonight didn’t seem to set themselves apart from the rookies. I don’t blame them for not being up for the game, considering they just reported on Friday, but I don’t know if that should be considered disheartening or not.
  • Ryan Miller looked average.
  • I officially believe that Dylan Hunter has no business ever playing the NHL, and I hope somebody in Sabres management starts to agree with me. He’s a hard worker, but he lacks what we call “talent.”
  • Mike Weber and Andrej Sekera still have a ways to go before they’re a permanent pairing in the bigs. While they’re usually pretty solid, each had some mistakes, especially Sekera getting blown by a couple times and making some bad passes. Give them time before you make them your top pairing, people.
  • Andrew Peters needs to be cut. Mark Mancari could do his job and actually be useful in the offensive zone. Get it over with. Please.
  • Al Iafrate once said, “Empty net goals are for homos.” How fitting it was Jiri Tlusty with that seventh goal?
  • Clarke MacArthur? Solid, baby.Finally, some quick hits:
  • Curtis Joseph is old.
  • Jeff Finger is overpaid.
  • Ryan Hollweg is a bitch.
  • Toronto still sucks.

Off to Hockeyville tomorrow night.


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  1. WOW what a conflict, yes peters is a waste of the line up as ray was back in the 90’s. hockey doesn’t need a wasted roster spot on a fighter with no hockey skills

  2. Wrong again, losers. Peters is needed. Mancari SUCKS.

  3. Talent…so what is the over/under on how many times Jason Peters will be a healthy scratch this season?

  4. Well seeing as he plays for the Bills, i’m not sure.

  5. Obiously I disagree. At least 20 NHL teams dress enforcers this year…Book it.

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