The Favre circus comes to the AFC East. Awesome.

Good news, Bills fans! Just when you thought the Brett Favre unretirement saga was ending, it just got a bit more interesting.

The Brett Favre era in Green Bay officially came to an end late Wednesday night as the legendary longtime Packers quarterback was traded to the New York Jets, the Packers announced.

The exact compensation wasn’t immediately available, but it is believed to be a fourth-round draft pick that increases in value depending on how the Jets perform in the 2008 season.

Of course, all this does is move all of the NFL training camp coverage from Green Bay to New York.

This whole thing has been a complete joke. Lead story on every news update. Program-interrupting “Breaking News” of Brett Favre getting on an airplane. A special “FAVRE” ticker on ESPN’s BottomLine. But now there’s actual relevant football conversation to have.

All of a sudden, the Jets are being discussed as a playoff team, with Favre under center. Forget they were 4-12 last season (and two of those wins were over the 1-15 Dolphins). Forget everyone was pretty much writing them off before this happened.

It seems a bit ludicrous that one player, a quarterback who turns 39 this season, can take a team of scrubs and turn them into a playoff team just by showing up. Favre hasn’t even taken a look at a playbook yet, and the Jets play their first preseason game tonight. How much of a learning curve is there going to be for a guy who had been with the same team for 16 years?

The Jets had been trying to figure out whether Chad Pennington or Kellen Clemens would be starting under center this season. With Favre in the fold, it looks like Pennington will get the axe. It’s too bad, because although he is a “quality, classy quarterback”, he didn’t really seem to do too well against Buffalo. Now, New York’s coaching staff has to get the new QB into the system with only a couple weeks until the games count.

Odds are Brett will be up to speed by the time the J-E-T-S come to the Ralph to play the Bills for the first time on November 2. But will the Jets still be viewed as a contender by then?


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