Dan Hinote knows how to plan a wedding

If that headline doesn’t grab you to say “What the hell is this about?”, I don’t know what will.

I was perusing through Deadspin, and came across this nice little article from the Rocky Mountain News about St. Louis Blues forward Dan Hinote’s recent wedding.

Fidel Castro, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Groucho Marx all gathered at Keystone Ranch on Friday to witness the nuptials between former Avalanche- turned-St.-Louis-Blues player Dan Hinote and the ga-ga-gorgeous Amy McCarthy…

The wedding party of 10 groomsmen and 10 bridesmaids wore traditional garb for the ceremony, but the guests were asked to show up in their favorite ’50s costumes, which would explain the dead celebs who attended the wedding.

A costume party. Unbelievable. What do you think the reaction was when the relatives got that invitation in the mail. Did they think it was a joke?

There were several fellow NHLers in attendance, and apparently all participated. Some, more than others, as detailed in the article.

During the dinner, the groom addressed his friends, family and fans. “It’s been a wonderful day for my beautiful bride and me,” he said. “You must be a bunch of screwed up people to dress up like the ’50s, right? I have a teammate dressed as a woman.”

And, of course, your first reaction is, who could this possibly be?

Befitting the occasion, St. Louis defenseman Jay McKee donned a blond wig, Seven Year Itch white dress and heels. Scary sight.

Two questions:

1. Was there a bet involved or does Jay have that awesome of a sense of humor?

2. Was his wife there with him, and was she dressed as a man?


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  1. Jay Mckee is my fucking hero. He already was, but now he’s being intensified.

    2 more years till his contract is up.

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