Sabres sign Mathieu Darche

Darcy Regier stated that they would bring in some veterans to fill out the Portland roster, and for a while it looked like they might want to get started on that. But, it looks like we have our first signing.

According the Crunch Hockey Blog on, the Sabres have signed Mathieu Darche.

Darche, who played for Tampa Bay last season, was deciding between offers from Buffalo and Ottawa. He said Columbus did not enter the bidding.

“I figured that’s where I’ll have a good chance,” he said of the Sabres. “Lindy Ruff is a lot like (ex-Tampa Bay coach) John Tortorella. You get what you deserve. I decided the fit was good in Buffalo, and I liked the talk I had with (Sabres GM) Darcy Regier.”

Darche, 31, has played 101 NHL games over the course of six seasons, appearing with Columbus, Nashville, San Jose, and Tampa Bay. The Montreal-native set career highs last season with 7 goals and 15 assists over the course of 73 games with the Lightning. His previous career high in points was two.

More info to come tomorrow on the newest Sabre.


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  1. Great blog. Really enjoy reading it guys. As for the signing, good signing if the dude plays in Portland. I don’t think he has the tools to play in the NHL but this signing is a huge F-U to Steve Donner, eh? lol Sabres don’t sign one guy in years with Rochester and just like a month with Portland they hook them up with a 30+ goal scorer. haha

    Keep up the great job tho.

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