A good read for any sports fan

Thanks to Deadspin for finding this blog post written by Luke Russert, son of the late Buffalo-native Tim Russert.

Luke talks about what sports meant to his relationship with his dad, and of course, the Bills are prominent.

My Dad loved college and pro football so the weekends always centered around that. Nothing was better for him then going home and watching the Bills after a long and tough “Meet The Press.” My Dad got the Sunday Ticket the first year it came out in 1994. I’ll never forget a guy had to drive down from Baltimore to install it because no one knew how to install yet. As soon as a satellite package was available to show the Bills games, he got it. He would go to sports bars to watch the Bills games before DSF came around. I’ll never forget spending time on the couch watching the Bills with him.


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  1. Great quote. Tim’s an inspiration as someone who was able to be “every guy” Buffalonian and an ace in the studio. His son sounds like a guy worth sharing a lunch/beverage with. I ended that sentence improperly.

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