The Apocalypse Is Upon Us!

Something is definitely wrong here. I’m not referring to the Sabres actually getting Ryan Miller signed to a decent contract before he opts for UFA status.

Did anyone read this column in today’s Buffalo News?

The pieces are starting to come together, little by little, with every day the Buffalo Sabres are removed from the horror of last summer. There was a renewed sense of enthusiasm Friday in HSBC Arena after they signed Ryan Miller, a move that made their future seem brighter and their intentions more genuine.

A positive piece by Bucky Gleason? Our Bucky Gleason? Couldn’t be.

The money wasn’t important Friday so much as the positive message that reverberated throughout the organization and across the league. Sabres owner Tom Golisano and managing partner Larry Quinn have taken their share of criticism — who, me? — over the past 13 months. This time, they bucked up, did it right and restored a few ounces of credibility after losing a ton last summer.

Now, the Sabres are back in the game.

Bucky commending Sabres management? This can’t be right. There’s gotta be sign that ol’ Buck is still behind this.

It was a grand departure from business practices that led to Chris Drury and Daniel Briere bolting, Brian Campbell getting traded and the franchise landing on its ear. By golly, maybe they’ve finally learned their lesson.

What?!? It took him seven paragraphs to mention the former co-captains and the departed red head? SEVEN?!?

What is going on here?


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