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First off, I wanna thank the guys over at BfloBlog for mentioning us last week. Same to the staff of First Time Caller, Long Time Listener for doing the same. Keep up the good work, guys.

If you have a blog, and you think it’s worthy of being in the very prestigious Blogroll of 3rd Man In, leave a comment with a link. The ones featured already are blogs that I like, so, I guess you need to make me like your blog.

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So I was cruising the ‘net the other day, and I came across this site, appropriately titled

Check out the description:

Sick jersey bro started as a site solely dedicated to dudes who put their own names on their Sabres jerseys. However the idea has slightly morphed into a blog about all sorts of fucked up things people do to Sabres jerseys and whatever I want it to be about. But mainly Sabres jersey related shit I want. So if you see something funky going down, take a pic and send it in.

I can imagine this site being endlessly awesome. If there’s one thing I can stand about sports fans, it is personalized jersey. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re going to waste the money to ruin a perfectly good Sabres jersey by putting your own name and number on it, why not get the words “I’M A MASSIVE TOOL” tatooed on your forehead?


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  1. Could be worse though – you could’ve put “Bernier” on it. Now THAT’S being a tool of a sort.

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