Toronto seems to think they’re taking over. Where do they get that idea?

For Bills fans, this is becoming an awfully nerve-wracking time to think about the future.

As the preseason approaches, talk about the Bills playing in Toronto is escalating, with those habitual wagon-circlers taking on the Steelers in an August 14th exhibition game at the Rogers Centre, two weeks before they play their first game at the Ralph.

There was a “pep rally” of sorts held in Toronto’s business district on Thursday, as the push to gain more corporate support north of the border continues.

There has been widespread speculation about just how many games and how many years the Bills will end up staying in Toronto, with decision-makers on both sides of the border contemplating the potential of a fully split schedule. The prospect of playing four regular-season games a year in Toronto is viewed as one of the final steps before relocation.

I don’t think many people have a problem playing one or two games a year, because it obviously would allow a larger area for economic support to keep our team here, but why would anyone in Buffalo want to throw out a split schedule idea at this point? That should be last resort before losing the team.

One of the head honchos at Rogers Communications, Phil Lind, expects this to be the start of it.

“I think they’re happy with eight, and we’ll see whether they’ll be happy with more,” Lind said yesterday. “There isn’t any proposal at the moment.”

He was then asked if he wanted more games in Toronto.

“I think over time there will be more, yes,” he said.

Seems awfully sure of himself, doesn’t he? Where does he get off saying something like that? Please tell us, Erie County Executive Chris Collins:

“I would say Western New York is very open to talking about a co-operation, in this case with Toronto, that regionalizes the team,” said Erie County executive Chris Collins, who is effectively the team’s landlord.

In a recent interview, Collins conceded part of that cooperation could lead to the Bills playing more games in Toronto. Under the current agreement, the team will play one regular season game at Rogers Centre over each of the next five seasons, with an exhibition every other year beginning this August.

“There’s a lot of things in play,” Collins said. “But a negotiation that keeps them known as the Buffalo Bills, with four or more games played here, I think, most people would consider a win.”

How in the fuck would that be a win? Losing half our team? Keeping the team is a win. Playing half our home games in another country is not a goddamn win!

And what happens if a local ownership group takes over when Ralph kicks the bucket? Are they going to be able to tell Toronto to take one game and like it if our politicians are ready to hand over custody? It’ll be harder if our city doesn’t try putting up more of a fight.

And for those who read the rest of that article, it also appears former Erie County Executive Joel Giambra is still a total ass-clown.

“If the options for the Western New York community is to not have the Bills at all — which is a real possibility when Ralph dies — might we not want to cut our losses now and look at a split season?” former Erie County executive Joel Giambra asked. “Maybe the first half of the season is played here, because of the weather, and the second half in Canada because of the dome. It’s an hour-and-a-half away. It’s not like you have to get in a plane to go there.”

Yeah, let’s move half our season 100 miles away from Buffalo because of some snow. Why act like you’ve sat outside for every Bills game you’ve went to, Giambra? Shut the hell up and stop being a negative influence. When gas is getting more and more expensive, how do you expect the people, who struggle to pay for the tickets as it is, to fork over more money for more-expensive tickets to games that are a two hour drive away?

Honestly, how do we let these people represent us?

This is going to be a rough couple years.


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  1. I wouldn’t get all worked up about this article. It is from the National Post, probably the worst newspaper in all of Canada. Its like taking something from the New York Post seriously. While you are right, moving more than one game a season to Toronto spells iminent doom to the team, I just can’t see the fans of Buffalo letting this happen. But then again, is there anything we can do to stop it in the first place.

  2. I think a lot of the problem I see is in the quotes from people in power in Buffalo. If you’re trying to keep the team, don’t say that you’ll give half of it to someone else.

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