Well, that Steve Bernier deal worked out well for the Canucks

In regards to the Steve Bernier trade last week, there was speculation that the Canucks were ready to give the then-Sabres forward an offer sheet, forcing the Sabres to match or take a second round pick, giving Darcy Regier reason to accept a 2nd and 3rd in exchange for the winger.

The Canucks, who tried the whole offer sheet thing with St. Louis forward David Backes (and were matched by the Blues), got Bernier.

Now the Blues have got them back.

One week after the Vancouver Canucks signed restricted free agent forward David Backes to an offer sheet, the St. Louis Blues have struck back.

The Blues signed Group II free agent forward Steve Bernier to an offer sheet worth $2.5 million for next season, which the Canucks have seven days to match. If they don’t, Vancouver receives St. Louis’ second round draft choice in 2009.

The thing that’s so great about these offer sheets is this frontier justice that is coming between the teams. It started last season when Edmonton GM Kevin Lowe started picking fights with “Don’t shop here” Buffalo, then went after Anaheim, creating that Lowe-Brian Burke pissing match that got really public recently.

Now Vancouver and St. Louis are going after each other.

Who says the offseason is boring?


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