The Media Ain’t What It Used To Be

PapiVery rarely will we deviate from anything involving the “big three” teams here in Buffalo, but this is compelling enough to do so.

I got a call from my buddy yesterday, who’s now a Canisius alum, that a now former member of their basketball team, Menghe “Papi” a’Nyam, passed away over the weekend.

Born in 1987 in Cameroon, a’Nyam was playing in a pickup game on Sunday when he collapsed and died.

I started searching the depths of the internet to find out what happened, and you know what I got? NOTHING, except a snippet on AfricaBasket and a Facebook group. Not until today did anything pop up on Canisius’s website, after they had held a memorial service at the school.

Papi was a fan favorite at Canisius, where he played 41 games over the past two seasons. His best performance in the 2007-08 season was a solid 24 minutes in a win over rival Niagara.

As sad as it is, you see stuff like this on ESPN’s BottomLine almost every day. Sometimes you think nothing of it. But a real-life, NCAA Division I basketball player died and it just totally slipped under the radar.

It’s fascinating to me that something could go unnoticed by so many in today’s age of information. No AP story, no ESPN blurb, no Player Profile note, nothing. This young man fell off the face of the sports world with a blip.

How does this happen? Honestly?

a’Nyam was transferring to Adelphi University in the fall.

(Photo courtesy of Facebook)


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