This is why Bucky is not the GM

For those unaware, I am not a fan of Buffalo News columnist Bucky Gleason.

I know I’m not alone.

Gleason’s pathetic agenda against Sabres management has polluted his work for as long as I can remember. He had a field day when a couple unnamed players left last July 1st. As a Sabres fan, it bothers me knowing that many fans who don’t follow the team closely might believe his garbage.

Today, I opened up my copy of the News to see an illustration of the joke himself on the front of the sports page. I was disheartened to see that he reprised his “If I was GM” column from last season. I wondered how long it’d take him to reference Chris Drury and/or Daniel Briere.

First line. Big surprise.

Basically, Gleason goes through and acts like he knows what kind of contracts free agents would be willing to take, or casts aside players who seem expendable.

Last year, he was completely ridiculous with some of his ideas, such as Derek Roy’s new contract. At least he admitted he was dead wrong:

Hey, we all make mistakes. I blew it big time with Derek Roy.

My blunder last year was listing his suggested salary ($800,000) on a chart without explanation. It was based on a three-year, $3.1 million contract Jason Pominville received the previous summer. Roy, a third-line center when playing with Drury and Briere, signed a six-year deal worth $24 million as a first-liner and was worth every nickel. Now, with free agency approaching, there’s a different set of problems.

I’m not going to go point-by-point, you can read the article for yourself and see some of the problems (You think you can get Jokinen from Florida for Max and Al? Come on, get a job, man.)

This is going to be this year’s “Roysie” for Bucky:

Paille, 24, in his first full season in the NHL, had 19 goals. He made only $585,000, but he’s also part of the future. A four-year deal for $5 million ($900,000, $1 million, $1.4 million, $1.7 million) makes sense. That way, he can grow with Nathan Gerbe and Tim Kennedy as they climb the ranks.

Realize what you just said, Bucky. 19 goals in his first full season. At many times last year, Paille was one of the Sabres’ most consistent players. The guy is going to be a stud for this team and everyone knows it. Paille is captain material, plays great two-way hockey, and is still young.

Do you think Buffalo is the only place where people realize how good Paille really is?

Paille was brought up on Hockey Night in Canada’s intermission feature Satellite Hotstove during last season as a potential target of an offer sheet. I can see it.

24 years old, basically a two-way forward who can score 20 goals, and a great team player. Would any team really be too upset about losing a 2nd round pick to give Dan Paille an offer sheet worth 2.5 million a year? I don’t think so.

If the Sabres can get Paille signed for anything less than a deal with a cap number of  $2 million, they should consider themselves lucky. They gotta get this guy locked up long term, regardless of if they have to shell out big money for him.

So, please, Bucky, recognize that your only value to Sabres fans is entertainment, not information, and shut up.


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