Dominik Hasek Retires. Again.

Dominik HasekBy now you’ve heard the sad news, future first ballot Hall-of-Famer and Sabres legend, Dominik Hasek has retired.


We believed him the first time, when he said his children needed to grow up in the Czech Republic. He kinda bailed on that one.

We figured he was done when he finally won his Stanley Cup in 2002. We assumed he wouldn’t return following the lockout in 2005. It was widely expected he’d hang them up when his Ottawa Senators fell apart in the 2006 playoffs. But each time, he defied the odds and returned.

Now, he retires with his second Stanley Cup, as he watched from the bench as his replacement Chris Osgood backstopped the Red Wings to a title.

It really does seem like this one is for good. Hasek has his place in history, and he really has nothing left to prove.

Hasek did leave Buffalo on a sour note. Maybe it’s better that he hung on for so long. A lot of the hard feelings died off. Noone in Buffalo was out there as really anti-Hasek during these playoffs. Noone seemed too upset when they saw him in the team picture with the Cup.

From me personally, good for him. Dominik Hasek had a hell of a career, and will go down as one of the greatest goaltenders to ever play the game. In my opinion, he WAS the best ever.

And you know what? I’ll say it: Dominik Hasek was the greatest player to ever play for the Sabres. Period.

Hasek took a lot of mediocre teams a lot further then they should have gone in the playoffs. He was the backbone of that team, and gave the Sabres a chance to win every night.

There’s been some debate as to whether or not they should retire his number in Buffalo, because of his “bad attitude” and the whole “I will be a Red Wing forever” quote, but there should be no debate other than when to do it or what colors the banner should be.

No player will ever wear #39 again in Buffalo. That’s the way it should be.


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