Detroit wins. Welcome to the offseason.

Congrats to Swedish legend Andreas Lilja and your 2008 Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings.

Although it would’ve been nice to see it go 7 games, it was a hell of a series.

Props to Detroit for playing a system that completely sucks the life out of their opposition. With all the firepower Pittsburgh had, there were times when they could not generate anything. If I’ll be the one to say it, I’ll say it: It was boring as hell to watch.

Maybe I’m spoiled, getting to watch the Sabres play every night, but the Red Wings reminded me why I loved the rule changes. Obstruction everywhere, shut down defense… just boring-ass defensive hockey.

And amazingly, the ratings were phenomenal. Props to the NHL for pulling that off.

But now is the sad part, no chances to see action on the ice until September.

While the offseason does have it’s qualities, such as the glorious weekend of the NHL Draft, it’s now going to be a long wait until training camps open.

And honestly, there won’t be as much to talk about.

So, excluding the time surrounding the draft and July 1st, there probably won’t be too much activity here. I’m currently working off dial-up (yes, it still exists) all summer, so posts will come sporadically. You aren’t going to need to check in every day, but make your way back here and there to see what’s going on.

Try to stick with me here. I’ll make it worth your while.


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