If Sidney Crosby is the savior, Chris Osgood is the anti-christ.

Well, for being supposedly a tough match-up for both teams, Pittsburgh apparently doesn’t know that they need to score goals to win.

And they haven’t won, and they haven’t scored.

Chris Osgood has been lights-out for the Wings. While Detroit’s defense has limited most of the opportunities, Osgood has made the saves he needed to in the first two games. Hard to say he isn’t the star of the series, and potential Conn Smythe winner, when he hasn’t allowed a goal yet.

The only thing worse than the Pens’ shooting percentage is Detroit’s diving. They are probably the most talented team in the league, but they must feel the need to sell every fringe call because it’s obvious they’re embellishing. Johan Franzen flopping around in Game 2 after the hit from Roberts was a great example. Yeah, it probably did deserve two minutes, but he tried selling it like he was seriously hurt.

Pittsburgh’s running out of chances to get back in this series. Odds are, if they don’t score the first goal in Game 3, the series will be over before it can even go back to Detroit. It’s going to be one huge momentum swing. Pittsburgh’s been unbeaten in Pittsburgh since the regular season. Now, down 2-0, if that bench or that crowd gets any doubt in their heads, they’re already beaten.

Should be an interesting Game 3.


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