Bills fans apparently excited to see team miss playoffs

There’s a saying in the sports world: “Winning sells tickets.”

Apparently, that’s not the case in Buffalo. The Bills have now sold over 50,000 season tickets for the 2008 season, and they anticipate even more by the time the season comes.

The Bills still are in the early stages of their season-ticket campaign, yet their 50,000 total is the most in 15 years, since their last Super Bowl season of 1993. Last year’s season-ticket total was 48,236. So the Bills already are up 4 percent in sales despite just one winning season this decade and no playoff appearances in a franchise-record eight seasons.

“This certainly highlights the passion and commitment this region has for the Buffalo Bills and NFL football,” said Russ Brandon, Bills chief operating officer. “With nearly four months remaining before the season opener, we expect momentum to continue.”

So now the Bills can save some money on their marketing, since their on-field performance has apparently sold enough people. How? I don’t know.

And I swear, if I see or hear that damn “Lucky Baby” commercial one more time, I’m gonna find that baby and dropkick it.


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  1. wow…you are so cool and so huge that you would pick on a 9 month old….nice….anyone else smaller than you, you want to pick on?

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