Who wants a mohawk?

Darris KilgourThere’s a new hairstyle going around the Bandits’ locker room.

For those who were at the Bandits game last Saturday, a look at the team during the anthems showed more than a few of the guys had decided to sport mohawks for the playoff run. (It’s kind of hard NOT to notice when Billy Dee Smith has one)

Now it looks like it’s a rallying point for the players, thanks in part to head coach Darris Kilgour, who’s not just participating in the effort, but enforcing it.

“Someone just decided they wanted one after one of the games a few weeks ago and it kind of caught on,” Francis said. “Back home our team did it when I was playing in minors, but nothing like this.”

It was Kilgour who decided to take it a step further.

“He wouldn’t even let [Rusty] Kruger practice because he didn’t have one so I just gave him one on the way through today,” Francis said prior to the Bandits’ shoot around on Tuesday. “I kind of like it though… It makes us look mean.”

(Side note: That last line just reminds me of Slap Shot, when Walt, the bus driver is beating up the side of the bus with a sledgehammer. Totally off-topic, but still…)

So, when you’re walking into the Arena on Saturday (if you don’t have tickets already, go get them NOW) and you see somebody with a mohawk, don’t be surprised. I have a feeling that there’s gonna be at least a couple people walking around the tailgates handing out free haircuts to whoever’s gonna step up and do it.

Maybe I will.

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